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I am an independent journalist from Brazil with nine years of experience reporting from my country and abroad. My work focuses on politics, the environment and human rights issues, and has awarded me two national prizes and three scholarships to attend international journalism schools. Last year I published my first book, Planted in the Earth, about political … Continue reading


Brazil’s Overlooked Minority Feature produced for the Guardian Weekly about the Roma comunity in Brazil, which has historically been overlooked by governments even though Brazil is one of the fews countries to have had a president of Roma origin – Juscelino Kubitchek. US forest strategy boomerangs in Brazil Article written for the Center for Investigative … Continue reading

TV documentaries

Black Money An investigation into international bribery led by one of the world’s top investigative journalists, Lowell Bergman. Bergman and his team followed the trail of corrupt international deals from the US to UK and even Nigeria to reveal shocking details of bribe scandals such as the UK-Saudi Arabia Al Yammamah arms deal. I was … Continue reading


Jumping monkey A 10-minute radio piece produced as part of the MA Radio Journalism curriculum. It is a sound-rich edition of a long interview with researchers Renata Meirelles and David Reeks. Half the story is told by the couple in linear narrative form and the other half unfolds via the colorful recordings of children playing … Continue reading


The idea for the book Plantados no Chão (Planted in the Earth) was simple: me and the editors at Conrad Editora wanted to publish a list of all the social and union leaders who were killed during the government of Luís Inácio Lula da Silva. Soon after the first inquiries, we had uncovered over 180 … Continue reading

Planted in the Earth – press release

Book denounces current-day political assassinations in Brazil Jair Antônio da Costa, Anderson Amaurílio, Iraguiar Ferreira da Silva, Josenilson José dos Santos, Anderson Luís and Dorothy Stang did not know one another, but they remain forever linked by a shared destiny. Their names are part of a long list of victims of a modality of violence … Continue reading